Friday, January 31, 2020

Implanting Artificial Limb in the Body Term Paper

Implanting Artificial Limb in the Body - Term Paper Example As healing occurs, the skin produces a pocket that gathers dirt which increases the probability of infection. Scientists are developing methods to help make better connections between metal, bone, and flesh to reduce the risk of infection. They contend that an implant where bone-metal fusion has occurred prevents bacteria infecting the bone. As such, they concentrate on helping skin to form a firm closure about the embedded metal to reduce the risk of infection. They found deer antlers provided a clue about how to accomplish this. They do it by large pores in the bone just underneath the skin which helps the skin to stick. Scientists insert a similarly porous shim underneath the skin which helps the tissue to close. Ultimately, scientists are seeking a solution that will last about 70 years. Nevertheless, the technology is not allowed in the U.S. yet. American scientists are trying to get authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to transport this expertise home. Even with the risks involved, surgically implanted prosthetics that attach too bone are more effective solutions than traditional prosthetics which often cause too much discomfort to be completely practical. We often regard technology as the brain-child of science, and we assume that science juxtaposed to art. We do not think of its application like we think of performing arts or visual arts as creative, but in many ways, technology is an expression of human creativity. The process of scientific research, development, and implementation are profoundly creative by definition. Scientific research is creative in that it gleans applicable knowledge from nature. The act of filtering what is unimportant or insignificant out from what really matters in terms of knowledge is creative in that the resultant understanding is synthesized from what is known and unknown. It is the process of teasing out what we need from reality creating a new reality

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