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Marketing Sonko Mobile Games

Marketing Sonko Mobile Games Sonko Mobile Games (SMG) is a creator of mobile games involving current or upcoming events. This market plan is intended to reflect our unique market quota, as well as the diverse strategies we are utilizing to acquire clients. The plan also signifies how we have established a stable revenue stream. Basically, we do no just involve ourselves in mobile games just like any other game developer.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Marketing: Sonko Mobile Games specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Our exceptional focus of developing games with unique features provides us with an overwhelming advantage over our existing and emerging competitors. Therefore, this has resulted in us creating unique games which traditional gamers can’t afford to create. More so, we have equally expanded our focus to include games with appealing comical aspects in our creations. The growing marketing and technological challenges have compelled us to undertake extreme measures to cushion our organization and products from competitors. Therefore, we will bank roll creation of our novel games by offering consulting services to develop similar games for marketing purposes. Hence, these consulting engagements will be coming from sponsorship associations that we are establishing with diverse corporations. Also this would entail developing customized games for the interested organization. This would involve entrenching their brand requiring features that are more customized so that they can appear as their own product. Therefore, in the coming years we anticipate consulting to constitute a considerable segment of our income stream. Vision Our vision and objectives is to provide the clients with an uncompromised escape of entertainment over the interlude of their ordinary day. Basically, we achieve this by offering the clients timely interactive games that they have a right to use on their mobile gadgets. These amusements are un complicated to play and have various relationships with contemporary pop culture news. SMG influences our squad’s software creation imagination to develop opportune games swiftly. Our promotional and marketing challenge is to win or attain visibility effortlessly. We anticipate achieving this by influencing a multi-divided approach that embraces social media, internet marketing including search engine exploitation strategies to acquire greater market share.   As we move towards attaining greater traction in the competitive market, word of mouth will considerably lift our game downloads considerably (Laguna, et al 2004).Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The impact of the external operating environment Considering our target markets are essentially etched between the ideal clientele of those aged between 12 and 25 years. It is thus paramount for those using our games to have mobile gadgets that permit applications downloads. Such gadgets may include android, iphone, as well as blackberry. However, diverse external operating environment aspects such as PEST, key competitors, nature and drivers of competition, market potential, customer value concepts, segments and markets are affecting the manner our organization is operating. For instance the organization sales as is shown in the graph reflects these changes. Our competitors have equally developed a number of applications which can be downloaded on the same gadgets our games are being downloaded. This is quite a challenge but with the due consideration we have the capability to overcome these challenges. Some of the approaches employed by our key competitors concerns employing low pricing aspects to attain a greater market shares. Equally, we have to evaluate the key market drivers that are apposite for our own very survival. Some of these market drivers are extremely determined by te chnological changes and emerging market tastes. Therefore, considering the elements of our emerging market base, religious context, significance of our products and their effects on the morals of the users are paramount drivers influencing the mobile game industry. Sony Corporation and Microsoft developers our core rivals have incorporated these attributes in their creations (Lorna 2002). Therefore, it would be of great significance to evaluate the social scope which influences market drivers. This can be from promotional angle to advertising, sales as well as discounted rates on our products. More so, the nature of market drivers has a considerable role in shaping the mobile games development as well as its market prominence. This can be attributed to the manner diverse social, economic and technological features have shaped the industry focus. Hence these factors have shaped the SMG as: Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Marketing: Sonko Mobile Games speci fically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This is per the period ending 2010. The scope of market potential has considerably been affected by the emergence of cheap computing power, vigorous wireless networks, phones, including the growth and development of stable broadband. These features have created a considerable market potential due to the growing mobile games technology and consumer trends. Also maturing of client base is becoming a considerable force influencing the market potential. Therefore, regarding SMG market it would be instrumental for us to exploit these features in order to sustain our market share.  Mobile games consumers are commonly savvy and in most cases must be in a position of having direct access to either a computer or a mobile game compatible phone. These classes have been established to have a considerable range of usable income. They include students, teenagers living with their guardians or parents or those individuals who have managed to joint the growing workforce. To exploit this potential market we have to design and develop games appealing to all economic and social ranks. This can be allied to the fact that for the time we have been in mobile games industry we have been focusing on two fronts namely; mobile game consumers, and organizations anticipating to reach them. Therefore, to sustain these two objectives we have to develop applications that are in nature tools of creating amusing and creative experiences for the users. To understand the scope of our market engagement it would be instrumental to understand that we have created and developed a number of mobile games. Equally, we have created two categories of mobile games in order to sustain a vibrant market. The two categories are free mobiles games, these games acts a taster for our clients while the second category concerns paid mobile games, these games contains diverse and unique features which are appealing to both young and old consum ers. However, the above mentioned factors have played a considerable role in shaping the manner our operations as well as developments of novel game software’s are executed. Regarding the market these features have in some instance propelled SMG to a greater height in the industry.  But there are instances where they have emerged as the greatest obstacle in our organization.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This resulted in dwindling fortunes, low sales including plummeting gains across diverse platforms. However, with established marketing strategies we have managed to establish profound strategies which have continued to be highly effective. All in all, another profound aspects touching on our organizations pertains to PEST (political, economic, social cultural and technological factors)-as we have been creating games touching on all aspects of the society. As a commercial organization we have examined and considered our business environment prior to our marketing procedures (Weingand 2002). This has become a seamless approach in our organization and concerns all feeds relating to planning. Our organizational and marketing environment is predominantly made up of internal and external environments. However, the aspects of PEST have been cited a decisive factor threatening the expansion of SMG in some area globally. Objections From comprehensive analysis of past as well as the present performance, even if historically doing well, the mobile games shares has been hovering at around 12% in the current mobile games markets. This has resulted in an increase in gains in the last two financial periods. The conventional business had been sluggish and there were almost zero investment. SMG anticipates growing and developing the existing market segments in order to achieve 20% market share while developing new markets. Market overview The market shares including its position can be viewed in this table. The effectiveness of the organizations marketing response Examining the organizations marketing strategies as well as the information evaluated through the use of SWOT analysis. It would be imperative to argue that the organizations marketing response is quite superb. This can be allied to the fact that after identifying the key challenges within the market they have employed counter interactive measures. More so, these measures entails having a vibrant marketing team, re search oriented division plus a comprehensive promotional segment. These divisions are exploited in countering any threats or weaknesses. Some of the challenges identified as consequence of marketing audit concerns using alien platforms for their applications, having seasonal marketing plans, as well as relying on other firms to design unique platforms. And this has become a hindrance in marketing as well as developing our own unique designs. Despite such a challenge the effectiveness of our marketing response is principally tied to matching strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. In addition this has resulted in a scenario where our target market is reached. Exploring the diverse mechanisms of effective marketing such as advertising, discounted sales as well as provision of promotion through free game downloads, we have managed to connect our clients with our timely products.  As we carried this analysis we identified three basic features of creating effective marketing response. These features entails having a functional marketing strategy, marketing measurement as well as a well articulated marketing execution. The purpose of these features is to create and enhance effectiveness and efficiency in regard to dealing with market challenges. As a mobile games creators we have over the years experienced a number of marketing challenges such as low sales, new designs, foreign technology as well as social cultural factors. However, to overcome these challenges we have developed market strategies which are designed to sustain a strong market base. It is essential to assert that positive market response in regard to both challenges and opportunities have resulted in higher revenues. The efficiency and effectiveness of the market response can be attributed to the scope of having clear marketing policies. This includes establishing the use of market analytics as well as market performance as the foundation of our marketing response. Consider the fact that w e are experiencing such challenges as poor brand recognition, high delivery expenses of our applications, and extreme reliance on external outsourcing. Also there are market threats which are identified as quality issues from our competitors, emerging mobile games firms providing simple games and software applications as well as established organizations with greater buying and selling power who are affecting online mobile playoffs market share.  In regard to such challenges SMG has gradually established online traffic. This involves a unique system of making repeat customers to influence our market segment through complimentary sales. Also increased use of the websites as well as other online features has proved to be useful. This can be tied to the fact that it has increased our marketing response and efficiency in regard to emerging challenges and opportunities (Slater 2002). Therefore, to reinforce our organizations efficiency in regard to market response we have etched our ma rketing aspects to the dynamics of external environment. These dynamics involves gauging opportunities against consumer needs, satisfaction as well as evaluating their purchasing trends and preferences. Also the scope of our suppliers has been considered in regard to establishing a clear chain of communication this has resulted in a profound and reliable working strategies (Ovidiu 2000). Despite that the mentioned dynamics have illustrated that any organizational response to the market must be established within the tenets of satisfying the intended market. This has resulted in dynamic growth as is illustrated below by revenue as well as market share. This covers a five year period. The table illustrates our organization has increased it dominance. Market data Type Date Volumeunits %Growth: Volume Revenue$m %Growth: Revenue H 31/12/06 2815.0 H 31/12/07 2927.2 4.0 H 31/12/08 3066.3 4.8 H 31/12/09 3235.8 5.5 C 31/12/10 3440.5 6.3 Sonko Mobile Games informati on Type Date Volumeunits Revenue$m Market %Share: Volume Market %Share: Revenue %Margin Margin$m H 31/12/06 272.7 9.7 36.7 100.2 H 31/12/07 293.2 10.0 37.1 108.9 H 31/12/08 282.0 9.2 37.7 106.3 H 31/12/09 337.0 10.4 38.1 128.6 C 31/12/10 385.5 11.2 39.0 150.3 H = History Period, C = Current Year Profits have matured at 11% and 16% correspondingly over the past 2 years including the development in both new application and new markets. As we examined the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats concerning SMG we realized that this organization has subtle mechanisms of marketing. Hence, its efficiency and effectiveness in regard to market responses are well developed. This can be testified by the manner the organization has managed to integrate diverse challenges which are in essence threats with emerging opportunities. Under SWOT analysis we identified a number of threats and weaknesses. That’s why the SMG have developed stringent market respon ses in regard to the market evolution which has been caused by changing mobile technologies.  To underpin the efficiency of market response in regard to emerging opportunities and challenges, the organization has embarked on establishing the apposite marketing mix. This includes adopting new measures of sustaining market efficiency and uncompromised response. This has been necessitated by the fact that mobile game consumers are constantly looking for fresh creation and this has been identified both as a threat and as an opportunity. With the growing news events we have to create market philosophies that correlate with our organization products. Hence, the scope of market response and the manner its efficiency is determined is instrumentally tied to planning (Greenbaum 2001). Based on the emerging challenges the organization has therefore employed diverse structural approaches designed to sustain our existing and emerging markets. It should be noted that the imminent challenges ha ve made us to be more focused. Equally the available opportunities have made us develop effective and reliable market response structures. Due to the concentrated promotional campaigns SMG has thorough definitive market response. This is in regard to both challenges and opportunities developed through systematic concept of brand loyalty, brand awareness as well as brand respect in her products. This illustrates the organization market response is positive and beneficial (Senge 1994). Though there are instances where the entire concept is threatened by growing market challenges it has remained effective. Therefore, as its target audience continue to grow so is its focus on enhancing market response in tackling any likely challenge either on technological scope or marketing platform (Lorna 1999). Due to the necessity of remaining relevant in the exploding mobile games industry the organization has embarked on developing a comprehensive market response measures. These measures are link ed to the creation of alternative marketing, as well as product or software sampling including developing event marketing schedules. Though regarding dealing with issues pertaining to market response in some instance has been misunderstood, SMG has one of the most vibrant efficiency mechanism. As a consequence of today’s mobile games competitive markets, SMG has realized success depends on having effective market response systems. More so, these systems are molded to tackle diverse market aspects be it threats, opportunities, weaknesses or strengths. This illustrates why SMG has been building on empowering its staff in regard to dealing with growing market challenges. By having unique market analysis procedure the organization has managed to forge a profound market response base. Equally, the diverse challenges identified through the market illustrate that SMG deals with the aspects of challenges and opportunities on a similar and equal approach. This is defined by the way th e organization has put in place diverse measures of identifying the emerging marketing changes. In essence, the way this organization has managed to capture and influence the mobile games industry demonstrates its efficiency in dealing with response to either challenges or opportunities. Also its dominance on the mobile games market testifies to this. Segmentation and positioning strategies As mobile games developer’s has grown to be a leader in creation of diverse tools and applications concerning mobile games and news events applications. This being one of the organizations core strengths, it has over the years been challenged by emerging similar organizations. This has been due to its current segmentation which seems to be in a way in effective. Consider that as continental and a global player in application and software development industry, market positioning becomes instrumental. However, due to the growing need to remain in the mobile games industry SMG have formulated dynamic segmentation and positioning plans using the diverse features of market research. Through concentrated market research we have recognized our core market segments, these segments have been compacted into three key groups, linked to mobile games application and development. These segments are defined as user, non-user and former user (Lim 2002).  However, one of the foremost focuses of SMG has been the non-user group. The organizations desire to move beyond the common market aspects has been fuelled by segmentation and positioning. Therefore, looking at the manner diverse aspects has been examined; diversity in consumer needs and the desire to attain and reach specialized markets has equally contributed to the efficiency of the SMG segmentation and positioning scope (Hay 1999).  Therefore, the organization as it identified its weak points and through exploiting the emerging opportunities has embarked on segmenting its existing markets. This scope includes identifying mor e attractive market segments. This has resulted in the organization identifying new markets for its applications, while creating apposite positioning and beneficial strategies. The reason this organization opted for segmentation research relates to its internal and external forces. These forces are calling for a more open market strategy in addition to examining the reasons behind the declining brand, the necessity of launching new brand, plus restructuring their existing structural policies (Gale Research 2000; Scholtes 2000). Therefore, in such observation SMG segmentation and positioning can be said to be effective. Note that, this organization has stayed in touch with the emerging changes within the mobile games industry. The market comparisons as is testified by the following graphs testifies to this concept. One thing is apparent; the organization is strategies are effective. This can be testified by the way the organization has enhanced its market position by creating brand differentiation including targeted promotion. Also the articulate matching of the organizations highly effective and effectual resources to the anticipated market segments illustrates the organizations efficiency on ROMI (return on marketing investment). SMG segmentation reflects its relationship as well as the needs of her consumer. More so, the organizations segmentation and positioning is based on the established market strategies. Which are in essence compacted through breakdown-approach. Hence, the organizations use of both breakdown as well as build-up plans have provided it with a more apposite, accurate and highly profitable view of the mobile games markets. The extent to which the SMG segmentation and positioning can be said to be effective are equally illustrated by the manner the organization embraces customer-related procedures. The approach entails segmenting its products and services market through intricate profile of where the market is including where they are. Ther efore, it can be asserted that the organizations segmentation and positioning is productive. In that they have managed to provide their consumers with what they need not basing their approach on how they design their applications. Thus, looking at the existing mobile games market’s segmentation and positioning strategies the organization has managed to establish improved efficiency in its operations. Also this approach has illustrated the organization is gaining competitive advantage over its rivals. This is well demonstrated by the manner the organization has been segmenting its clients and equally providing them with a number of unique mobile games applications (Drucker 2002).  Concerning the effects of segmentation and positioning, SMG has shown that this approach is highly effective in its operations. The benefits of this approach have made it possible for this organization to undertake mass marketing including offering new applications in the market. Though, the client s are becoming more dynamic and diversified, it is through positioning and repositioning as well as segmentation that they have remained in the industry. Conclusion SMG as a mobile games creator has been in the industry for a number of years. However, just like any other organization it has faced a number of dissimilar challenges, threats as well as opportunities. But with the exploitation of analysis tools such as SWOT, PESTLE, and MOST the organization has managed to identify the diverse facets that needs to be addressed (Ould 2005). This can be attributed to the fact that mobile games industry is ever transforming due to the emerging technologies. The entire concept therefore raises a number of unforeseen opportunities and threats. In some instances, weakening the entire organizational structures. However, SMG has shown that articulate planning and having clear marketing policies makes it possible to remain in the competitive market. Equally, having profound structures of address ing market response in regard to challenges and opportunities is essential. The reason organizations have a value for effective market response is that it determines their engagement with the changing consumer behaviors. Therefore, through seamless focus SMG has shown that business strategic planning is fundamental, either in the realm of segmentation or market positioning. Hence, understanding the major issues within the business environment is instrumental in sustaining a viable business environment. On the other hand, SMG approach to segmentation and positioning shows the organizations prowess in the art of dividing and conquering. This scope has made this organization to effectively differentiate its products in the market. Also, by embracing this concept they have managed to identify the apposite market pool for their diverse products and services (Kiragu 2011). References List Drucker, Peter. (2002) Innovation and Entrepreneurship. NY, Harper. Gale Research. (2000) Notable Cor porate Chronologies. Detroit, Gale Research. Greenbaum, Thomas. (2001) Focus Group Research. New York, Lexington. Hay, Robert. (1999) Encyclopedia of Consumer Brand. Detroit, St. James. Kiragu, Peter. 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