Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Personal Goal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Personal Goal - Essay Example I am just beginning my professional career. The reason to choose this field of profession was that it offers a chance to gain a never ending knowledge of a particular field of study, whether the knowledge comes from the student or any other source. The future of being an Educator is great as it provides ways to get involved in the field of study directly, a direct interaction with the students helps to gain awareness about the perspective of the young generation and how the future of the world is going to change according to their mindsets. In addition to that, being an educator provides a never-ending professional development and opportunity to learn. This is so because there is always going to be potential of development and research in different fields of education. Emergence of new skills and concepts allow educators to grow and development professionally parallel to acting as an expert in their own field. The career of an educator comes with apparent challenges. A decade ago edu cation was not considered a professional job but today teachers are required to prepare themselves before entering a class. Similarly in coming 4 to 5 years, the level of studies would enhance and a simple explanation won’t be enough to clear the doubts of students. A teacher has to face such challenges and give a logical reasoning and prove his point of view with examples to convince the students. The greatest strength of being a teacher is his knowledge, being a specialized teacher in the field of economics particularly is a benefit in itself. Development is needed in every profession, but specifically for an educator, knowledge of new advancements and discoveries are a must for satisfying and teaching the students. To be a successful educator, communication and interpersonal skills are necessary so that everything is easily understood by all students. Secondly there is a constant need for increasing one’s knowledge and skills with constant revisions in order to teac h effectively. Where as in the coming year I need to enhance few areas to participate and develop professionally. Firstly an educator has to continue his studies, in my case a professional master’s degree in my field of study, secondly adopting the latest way of teaching i.e. through presentations and multi-media and lastly to prepare oneself before a particular lecture. All these areas need development to enhance my current skills and ensure a healthy career as an educator. In addition to that, changing requirements of the students and continuously transforming structure of education system in different parts of the world requires teachers and educators to be more attentive to changes that are being taking place in their field of study. Nowadays, students expect teachers to not only be experts in their given fields but multidisciplinary, furthermore provide them with emotional and professional guidance with a level of individual attention to needs. Hence, a teacher is expect ed to be a mentor along with being an instructor. Furthermore, participation of all kind of students i.e. different ethnic groups, socio-economic classes and disable students, in main education system has introduced further complexities in the education system that has redefined the role of educators.  

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